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My name is Declan Taylor, I am 19 years old and currently in the second year of studying HND Sound Production at Glasgow Clyde College. During this course I am studying different aspects of sound production such as acoustics, sound production theory, creative industries infrastructure, digital audio theory and multi-track recording/mixing. My interest in sound production started in advanced higher music and has expanded from there. I hope to attend Glasgow Caledonian University to study either Audio Production or Audio Systems Engineering for a further 2 years and attain my bachelor’s degree. During my time at college I have met some talented and inspiring engineers who will influence me in my work in the years to come.

Services I Offer

Sound Production

After studying sound production at both high school and college level I have developed the ability to record, mix and master multitrack sessions to a high standard. At home I have an iMac with Pro Tools 12 software. My interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I also have a Behringer DI box and an Akai MPD218. I can arrange for studio time where appropriate and where either wanted or needed.


As part of my HND course I study audio for multimedia. I can reproduce sound to go along with a video clip or movie reel.

Promotion and Release

Thanks to studying the creative industries I have a broad up to date understanding of the current music industry so as well as doing all of the engineering work for your album, EP, or even just one song. I can produce, promote and sell either physical or digital copies of your recording. Whatever you desire. I can also cover all of the boring legal stuff with contracts, copyright and licensing for your music as well as giving advice for issues in this area so that you get what you are entitled to.

Price List

Song recording/ production - £5 per hour
Mix of audio stems (Pro Tools only) - £15 per track
Overdubs -£7 per hour*
EP DEAL -ONLY £400 for 6 track record, mix, master and produce.*
*price does not include cost of printing for physical copies of your work*

*Session musicians can be arranged for:
(Prices will vary)

Royalty and Advertising – £20. This includes registering performers and songwriters with their respective collection societies.
Gives potential for generating additional revenue for sales of your product.
Upon registration the client will receive 100% of royalties generated.
(This does not include registration fees from collection societies)
Multimedia – Price negotiated upon inspection of the video.
** prices are based on standard band set up (guitar, bass, drums, vocals and backing vocals) audio uncut reserves the right to change prices based on the service required by the client**

Current Project

At the moment I am in the process of completing my HND graded unit project. As part of this I am recording mixing mastering and producing an EP for Samantha Dunion. Upon completion of the EP I will hold a launch event with various other artist performing on the night. I hope to have all of this completed by the 1st of June 2016 and I also hope that I can inspire other artist to work with me on similar projects.

Work So Far

August 2013- April 2014, Dumbarton
This is where my journey began. In advanced higher music at high school. I learned the basics of recording and mixing and a little about reverbs and delays etc. I recorded two songs in my own image. First “Highway to Hell” by ACDC and secondly “Watch Over You” by Alter Bridge, a song I particularly enjoyed working on.

August 2014- Present Day, Anniesland
I started college thinking I knew a bit about sound production. I was wrong. I have learned that there are areas of sound production I never even knew existed. Since I started my HND at college I have been filled to the brim with the most in depth knowledge about every single aspect of sound production and the music industry. Something I am very grateful for and will take with me into life.

13th June 2015 - St Augustine's Church, Dumbarton
This was night that I would be the sound engineer at my very first ever gig. I worked with The Pulse and various artists to organise the night which thankfully ran like clockwork. I was delighted with all of the acts and the general running of the night. As I am sure others will agree.


Reviews Gig on 13/06/15 held at St Augustine Church, Dumbarton.
The gig was opened by Spoken Silence who were very upbeat and lively ideal to get everyone in the audience singing along. Every artist played amazingly well from the very talented and professional Samantha Dunion to Remedy who had their first gig and those in between. The night went as scheduled every changeover was quick and smooth. Sound and visual effects were handled very professionally with background staff working well as a team with the pulse staff supporting them. The result was an entertaining evening with different genres of music and singers well supported by technicians with everyone giving their best. The night ended all too quickly and I would most definitely attend a gig of this calibre again.
Catherine O’Donnell

I attended a gig in St Augustine’s church in Dumbarton at which I seen artist such as Lillias Hobson and Samantha Dunion play. The sound was clear and the lights were subtle in a way that complimented each performer respectively. I particularly enjoyed the upbeat music of the opening act Spoken Silence. Their music was a good ice breaker for the night and relaxed everyone. They were a tough act to follow but the rest of the artists did their bests and did not disappoint. Overall the night was well planned and well executed, the door staff were particularly friendly and did not hesitate to assist with any problems or questions I had on the night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will not hesitate to attend the next live event of this type.
Sophie Mitchell

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